Saturday, June 6, 2009

29 Years And Feeling Blessed

We enjoyed a wonderful evening Friday, celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary. We had decided a couple of weeks ago we weren't going out of town. We planned to go to dinner on Friday even though our anniversary isn't until Sunday. It makes it last longer that way! I had fun throughout the week shopping for a few clothing items for our special date knowing that David would really appreciate my attention to detail to please him. The scarf/wrap is one of my purchases. I also purchased a new pair of brown crop pants (on clearance for...$6.24!) and new brown, very cute shoes. I also got to get my hair done. I told David I had a really cute outfit that he would really like and he asked me what color I was wearing. I really didn't want to give him any clue but told him green and brown. As we were getting ready for our evening he gave me the jewelry that so perfectly matched my outfit. He is so sweet! We to Hill Cafe in Richmond for dinner. It was a very quaint place and had a wonderful selection on the menu. We had a crab themed meal with crab dip appitizer, and crab cakes and salmon entrees. It was a wonderful, relaxed dinner. Earlier in the day, I heard a piece of a song on the radio that said "I'm lucky to be married to my best friend". I loved it and went home and downloaded it because I thought is was the perfect song for us right now. The song talks about where we have been, where we are and where we're going and feeling lucky to be married to our best friend. Of course, we know luck has nothing to do with anything. We are blessed by God who has given us to each other and has continually given us opportunities to grow together and the grace to follow His leading.


Jessica said...

Great picture! We're so glad that you are having a great Anniversary weekend!!

Jessica said...

You and David are such a wonderful couple! Thanks for always being support of Brett and I as we face the ups and downs in life! We love you both and are grateful to have you as parents! Love you!!!

Oh, and thanks for leaving great comments on my recipes! I think it will be great with yellow squash!


linda Goldstein said...

Hey You two.... Happy Anniversary
want a nice picture of you both
You look like your having fun
Great colors Des. David you did good with Jewelry
Big Hugs to you both
Linda G.