Saturday, April 26, 2008


O.K. so we have had a slow beginning. Very slow. Now I can understand why my kids may not update as often as I thought they should. It's harder than I thought coming up with things to talk about and finding the time to do it. So here is our second attempt. I want to start by saying I am very proud of my husband. He is now a published author. His book arrived last week. "The View From Here" is a compilation of weekly writings he has done for our local paper over the past eight years or so. I have always admired how well he writes and have encouraged him for a long time to pursue this God given talent. You can order his book for you local Christian bookstore or contact us and we can make sure you get one.

We have been de-junkifying! If Patrick and Brett are reading this should bring them a chuckle. The have experienced many de-junkifying times in our household. Some with fond memories, I believe. Like the time I asked for de-junkifying for my birthday and when I went away for Women's Retreat David, Patrick and Brett fulfilled my wish. They did a great job as usual. Our laundry room and small extra room has been filling up for a long time now. Most people have a catch all area. Well ours had grown beyond believable. Now that our boys are not living at home anymore it is harder to get motivated to do big projects. They were great helpers! David though is the ultimate de-junkifyer! He rarely has the time for big projects but when he does he goes full force. He hit the laundry room Friday on his day off right after I left for work. He used the "Clean Sweep" method. Trash pile, sell pile, donate pile and keep pile. Our youth group was having a yard sale on Saturday so this was the time. (I did have to rescue a few things from the yard sale pile, probably a big no-no according to"Clean Sweep" rules). Everything is now sorted and distributed to the appropriate place, trash, sell, donate and keep. All that was left when I got home from work was the keep pile. Now my job is to sort, organize and put away the keep pile. I am motivated now. I cleaned out the bathroom linen closet Saturday morning and am hoping to do the entry way closet this afternoon. I have a whole pile of baby things that other grandmothers have given me now that I am a "Nana". I have a booster seat and pack and play and some linens and some other misc. things. I need to make a place for these things and now that I can get to my small storage room this will be a breeze.

I must get back to my projects because my desire will wane at some point, this I am sure of.