Monday, October 13, 2008

Wagons, Pumpkins, Shoes, Oh my!

I got to go to visit Hannah (oh yeah, Patrick and Jana, too!) last week. I decided a few weeks ago that Christmas was entirely too long before I was going to see her again. Patrick also called and asked if there was any way I could come to visit. How cool! I was disappointed that David couldn't go, but he was very encouraging for me to go. It was a really special time. I really felt a part of Hannah's life. We did lots of things. We went to the Farmer in the Dell pumpkin patch and picked out pumpkins, played in the corn and on the hay. We didn't take the hayride but Hannah, Patrick and Jana sat on the tractor (see Patrick and Jana's blog for more pictures).
I loved to give Jana some time to do things that she doesn't get to do as well with Hannah, like shopping and going to the library. Jana dropped Hannah and I off at Target and we wondered through the store for awhile. I had hoped to find a wagon for Hannah. After looking for a very long time and feeling very disappointed I finally found it! I also got Hannah a few books and 2, yes 2, pairs of shoes! David had bought Hannah a pair of sparkly, red Dorothy shoes for me to take to her.
Hannah woke up early from her nap so she and I started to put the wagon together. Hannah loved her wagon!
Unfortunately, I got about half way through and figured out I had made a mistake putting one of the wheels together. I was really frustrated. Patrick and Jana were on a lunch date and I wanted to have it all put together when they got home. Oh well...

As you can see, Daddy saved the day! It didn't take long to undo my mistake and finish up. We loaded up the wagon and headed off to the pumpkin patch!

I had a lot of fun giving Hannah several meals. She is doing so well learning to use a spoon. Jana is a wonderful mother! She takes a lot of time preparing for Hannah healthy foods from real foods, nothing packaged or jarred.

Hannah and I played and read books a lot! She is so smart!

Are you sure you know what you are doing, Nana?
Hannah and I doing self portraits!

Sparkly, red Dorothy shoes.
More new shoes! The timing was great! Hannah had just grown out of her shoes and really only had about one pair that fit. Nana to the rescue! I got to get her a brown pair and a black pair. So fun and so cute! She loves shoes, by the way!
I had a wonderful time. I am blessed. What a privilege to be a part of this child's life!