Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Oh Happy Day"

Some of you may be aware of a play we went to several years ago entitled "Oh Happy Day". We were on a romantic getaway to Lake Junaluska, NC. We like to explore a new area for fun opportunities. We discovered a community theater and they were doing a show called "Oh Happy Day". We couldn't tell what it was about but thought with a title like that it had to be fun, maybe a 50s style show. The only thing I will say about the play is it was not a "happy day" for us in the audience. It was the most depressing, boring, utterly ridiculous thing we had ever seen, about a husband and wife who felt like they were stuck in their lives (and they were literally stuck in something like a gopher hole, all you could see was their top halves sticking out of a huge gopher hole). After everything they would "complain" about they would sorrowfully say "Oh Happy Day". I hope you get the picture.

Our day today was nothing like the play I just spoke about, but like the old hymn...

Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Day
When Jesus washed my sins away
Oh Happy Day
He taught me how to watch and pray
and live rejoicing everyday
Oh Happy Day
When Jesus washed my sins away!

We started our day early with time on our deck....

It was a beautiful, cool morning and the "view from here" was delightful. Hummingbirds and a Grandpa and granddaughter fishing. We set tea out in the sun to brew and headed out...

Every August we always have a church picnic and baptisms at Naylor's Beach. Admittedly, I am not always very thrilled with going. Today, though, my heart was "happy". It was a beautiful day, and I was with my husband and best friend, David.

A glorious sky and a glorious day for baptisms! Nine people were being baptized today, all new believers in the past year!

"To show my eternal devotion to Jesus Christ", "Because Jesus loves me and I want to show my love for Him", "Because I want to have the Holy Spirit fill my body and my heart", "I want live a life of faith in Jesus" were some of the testimonies shared before each person was baptized.

Oh Happy Day!


Brett said...

I'm so impressed! Thanks for sharing these fun times from your life with us. We miss you guys!

Jessica said...

What a great day!!! I really enjoyed reading your blog! We really do miss you guys and can't wait to see you soon! Oh... and all of the pictures are great! Love you lots!