Saturday, August 9, 2008


I have two wonderful sons, Patrick and Brett. I have really enjoyed being their mom and have a special place in my heart for boys. I can get a little defensive when people stereotype boys and sometimes feel boys are are viewed a little like second class citizens compared to girls. There are a lot of things that my sons do that make me feel very special. Their hugs are about the most wonderful moments in my life. Admittedly, I have always wanted a girl and always felt David would have been the perfect dad to a daughter. (By the way, I think he was the perfect Dad to our sons.) You might be wondering by now if I made a mistake in the title of this post, Daughters. I didn't. Patrick and Brett have blessed us with the most amazing women that we have the honor to call daughters. Patrick's wife, Jana, and Brett's wife Jes, have become a very special part of our family. Not only do they "complete" our boys but they "complete" our family. We have gotten to spend some really special time this summer with Jana and Jes. They are both so sweet and we really feel their love and respect for us. I have gotten to do some girl things like baking a cherry pie from scratch with Jes and making a collage for Hannah's birthday with Jana. I really felt honored that they wanted to spend time with me. I am looking forward to years of girl activities with my "daughters".

Obviously we are not baking a cherry pie but a sweet moment none the less!

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Jessica said...

Awww... This blog just about had me in tears! I love you and David tremendously and it is an honor to share life together! You have two amazing sons that are the most well rounded that I have ever known! I feel so blessed to have one as a husband! Thank you for calling me daughter!