Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Snow

The beautiful, peaceful view from our back yard. It is a winter wonderland. The snow began Friday evening dropping at least 1" an hour for several hours. We woke up this morning to 10" and it has snowed most of the day with a little bit of rain and sleet.

Hershey needed to have a path made before she would go out but then she ran and jumped and "chomped" on snow and caught a few snowballs.

David ventured out to get some gas for the generator just in case the electricty goes out. The wind has picked up so anything can happen. He said he barely could get out of the driveway with the 4wheel drive!

Crisp Mountain Bird Ski Resort!

David and I enjoyed some chili and played games this afternoon. This is the scene from our kitchen table.
Hershey's Christmas portrait.

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